IMPEDANCE ANALYZER for Fuel Cell ALDAS-F (EIS measuring instruments)

for Fuel Cell


What is ALDAS-F?

HIOKI offers ALDAS-F, a revolutionary measurement solution for evaluating fuel cells.

The ALDAS method enables impedance measurement of cells and stacks and logging of changes in impedance values during active conditions when a fuel cell operates at high currents.

What is the ALDAS method

The ALDAS method is a measurement method that applies HIOKI’s specialized impedance measurement technology used in AC-IR measurement of lithium-ion batteries and high-precision current measurement technology required in the evaluation of power electronics such as inverters.

The ALDAS system’s wide voltage and current measurement range and high noise immunity make it helpful in evaluating cells operating with wide current and voltage ranges. Hence, ALDAS is useful to assess cell characteristics, monitor the condition of fuel cells in operation, and diagnose cell degradation under actual load conditions for large-scale hydrogen production, FCVs, HDVs, and other fuel cells.

What ALDAS-F offers you…

1. Characterisation of materials for bigger-capacity Fuel cells

2. Comparison between platinum Loading and impedance, regarding MEA

3. Long-term membrane degradation evaluations during Fuel Cell is in operation


Nyqist-plot(Cole-Cole plot)


Logging plot : Real.(Z) 1kHz


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Block Diagram

Type 1
Type 2


Maximum input Total voltageType1: 1000V
Type2: 20 or 80V *
Maximum input current20A or 200A or 2000A *
Frequency10mHz to 10kHz **
Measurement Channels6ch or 12ch or 24ch *
* configuration dependent
** frequency extension on request
Measurement during Operationavailable
Simultaneous multi-channel measurementavailable
Simultaneous stack and cell measurementavailable

White Paper

The white paper on impedance measurement in water electrolyzer is available

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