Product introduction : Battery Insulation Tester BT5525

Announcement scheduled product launch in 2022

Increase the reliability of insulation resistance testing in battery production processes

Battery Insulation Tester BT5525

  • New BDD function for detecting minuscule short-circuits caused by contamination before batteries are shipped
  • Stable insulation resistance testing even in noisy environments
  • High cost performance thanks to accessible pricing, high-speed testing, and compact footprint

“We want to accurately detect minuscule degradation failures that have gone undetected in the past.”
“We want to ensure high productivity through stable measurement.”
The Battery Insulation Tester BT5525 was developed to satisfy battery market demands like these.

Key considerations in increasing battery safety

The BT5525 can prevent the shipment of batteries with latent defects that could lead to fires.

  • The instrument can detect minuscule short-circuits caused by contamination before batteries are shipped, allowing manufacturers to produce batteries that resist degradation and function economically.
  • The instrument delivers reliable test results, even in noisy environments.
  • Its contact check function reduces the number of false negatives caused by equipment issues.

Ideal for insulation resistance testing before batteries are filled with electrolyte

  • High-speed testing makes it possible to increase production volume by reducing the amount of time spent on testing batteries’ insulation resistance.
  • A compact footprint makes it easy to integrate the BT5525 into existing systems and allows new instruments to be added in a space-saving manner.
  • Hioki has priced the instrument to ensure accessibility by carefully selecting the functionality and performance needed in insulation resistance testing.

Example uses

Testing the insulation resistance of lithium-ion batteries

  • For customers who wish to reliably detect internal defects that have previously gone undetected in insulation resistance testing and withstand voltage testing
  • For customers who wish to resolve problems that have slipped past other testing devices such as oscilloscopes, recorders, and other conventional instruments due to their sampling or resolution

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Adjust charging times to allow the detection of minuscule voltage changes

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Boost production efficiency by shortening test times

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Prevent fires and other accidents caused by battery degradation

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We’ve received inquiries from customers in a variety of industries, including:

Battery manufacturers


Electronic component manufacturers

EV motor manufacturers

System integrators

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