Suggestions for using rechargeable batteries (NiMH rechargeable batteries) for products that use dry batteries

Simultaneous Proposal
Reduction of Running Costs and CO2 Emissions

HIOKI equipment allows for rechargeable battery compatibility in products that use alkaline batteries

In order to “reduce running costs” and “reduce CO2 emissions”, HIOKI proposes the use of rechargeable batteries
(NiMH batteries : nickel metal hydride batteries rechargeable batteries) in products that use alkaline batteries.
HIOKI has verified that NiMH batteries can be used safely.
HIOKI will help solve customers’ problems and realizing a sustainable society.

Running Costs Reduction

The BT3554-50 can reduce running costs by approximately $700 per year by simply changing from alkaline batteries to NiMH batteries

The initial cost of NiMH batteries is approximately $4 higher per battery than alkaline batteries. However, for those who use them multiple times a day or for many years, changing from alkaline batteries to NiMH batteries can significantly reduce running costs.
For example, changing the Battery Tester BT3554-50 from alkaline batteries to NiMH batteries can save customers about $700 per year※1 in running costs.
Other products that use alkaline batteries can also reduce running costs by changing from alkaline batteries to NiMH batteries※2.

Download free tool for “calculating running costs, CO2 emissions, and reductions in battery disposal”

CO2 Emissions Reduction

Using one battery over and over again is eco-friendly!!

The use of NiMH batteries reduces CO2 emissions compared to alkaline batteries. In addition, the amount of battery waste can be greatly reduced※3 .

Download free tool for “calculating running costs, CO2 emissions, and reductions in battery disposal”

Further Information

Reduction of battery replacement frequency

For products with high consumption current (Insulation testers and Earth Tester etc.), NiMH batteries provide longer continuous use time than alkaline batteries.

Can be used in low-temperature environments!

NiMH Panasonic eneloop® (BK-3MCC, BK-4MCC), which guarantees use in low-temperature environments than alkaline batteries, has an operating discharge temperature range (when used in equipment) of -20℃~50℃.

Even If you are in the mountains, you can still charge the battery with a USB port!

If you had used alkaline batteries, you would have had to buy the batteries at a retail store when they ran out on site.
With NiMH batteries, you can quickly recharge them anywhere there is a USB port, such as in a mobile battery or in the car (only when using a charger that can charge NiMH using USB).

List of products that can use NiMH batteries

The following products are compatible with NiMH batteries and provide customers with new value in terms of both environment and cost.
We have verified safety and specifications and have confirmed that NiMH batteries can be used.※4

Resistance Meters, Battery TestersDMM         Earth Tester※5       
Environmental MeasuringDT4255Insulation Tester※5
LR5031Clamp MetersIR4016
LR8512CM4373-50Bypass Diode Tester
LR8514Digital Phase DetectorLAN Cable HiTester
FT3424DC Signal Source

Precautions when using NiMH batteries

The following precautions should be taken when using the product. Please be sure to read the instruction manual for the NiMH battery before use.

When using NiMH rechargeable batteries in the BT3554-50, the NiMH rechargeable battery charge sign is when the battery mark reaches one!

When using NiMH rechargeable batteries in the BT3554-50, the time to reach one battery mark is shorter than in the case of alkaline batteries. Therefore, it is recommended to charge the NiMH rechargeable battery when the battery mark reaches one! ※6
The graph below shows the potential voltage levels of NiMH rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries. The indicator may not be accurate due to the different discharge characteristics of different battery types.

※1 The running cost for one year is calculated based on the assumption that NiMH batteries will be used for three years. The cost is calculated at $0.6 per battery for alkaline batteries and $3.4 per battery for NiMH rechargeable batteries. Calculations assume that batteries are replaced 180 times in a year. The cost of disposing of the batteries is also included. Running costs for NiMH batteries includes the cost of battery chargers and electricity.

※2 Products with long continuous use time, such as DMMs, are recommended for long-term use because the batteries need to be replaced less frequently.

※3 Panasonic eneloop® BK-3MCC (AA) batteries can be used 600 times repeatedly.

※4 NiMH batteries that we guarantee the use of are Panasonic eneloop® (BK-3MCC, BK-4MCC). Safety and other evaluations test are conducted using Panasonic eneloop® (BK-3MCC, BK-4MCC).

※5 Use alkaline batteries to comply with EN 61557.

※6 The timing of recharging NiMH batteries varies depending on the product.

Questionnaire about battery-powered products

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