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Maximum 95% of CO2 emissions can be reduced by switching from alkaline batteries to nickel metal hydrate batteries (NiMH batteries).

HIOKI has confirmed that HIOKI products with AA or AAA batteries are compatible with NiMH batteries, which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission and environmental impact.

HIOKI’s comittment



Switching alkaline batteries to NiMH battiries is one step toward the goal of carbon neutrality.



-33 kg

The use of rechargeable NiMH batterites reduces resource consumption and waste and contributes to environmental protection.




HIOKI has a wide range of products compatible with NiMH.


By reducing CO2 emissions during products use, HIOKI works toward the goal of carbon neutrality.

Recharging and reusing NiMH batteires repeatedly can reduce maximum 95% of CO2 emissions compared to repeated use of alkaline batteries for disposal.

Reducing the amount of battery waste for environmental protection.

There is environmental pollution caused by waste batteries in countries with low recovery rates for alkaline batteries.
Switching alkaline batteries to NiMH batteries will help reduce waste and environment impact.

With our extensive lineup, costomer covenience is our first priority.

HIOKI has confirmed a wide range of products is NiMH compatible.

More detail

※1 Maximum reduction rate. Based on HIOKI research. It varies depending on usage conditions.
※2 Based on HIOKI research. It may vary depending on usage conditions.
※3 As of February 2023.

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