Products Information: New products for battery production lines

Manufacture Higher-quality Batteries More Efficiently

Hioki is an industry-leading manufacturer of finest electrical test and measuring instruments since 1935.
In 1986, we launched our first instrument designed specifically to measure batteries, the AC mΩ HiTester 3225.
During the next 35 years, a sustained program of R&D yielded products with the ability to perform an array of tests used in battery production processes.

In 2022, Hioki will launch three new instruments to help increase quality and boost efficiency through reliable detection of defects.

Helping boost battery quality
and production efficiency

Battery capacity and efficiency continue to grow.
Hioki’s new, high-performance instruments can resolve problems that lurk in battery production processes.

To produce high-performance batteries with stable quality

The ongoing move to electric powertrains and self-driving technology for automobiles is pushing up component quality, leading to more rigorous reliability requirements for automotive batteries.
It’s critical to detect defects on manufacturing lines so that safer batteries can be produced to address concerns about the risk of fire caused by battery defects.

To increase production efficiency to accommodate growing demand

Hioki instruments can perform painstaking battery inspections to detect minuscule defects without sacrificing production speed.
In order to accommodate rapidly growing battery demand, it’s essential to realize improvements in both quality and production efficiency.

Our Solutions

For increasing quality and production efficiency

On battery production lines, it’s important to test weld quality, detect contamination, and streamline operations while reducing manpower requirements. Hioki offers a variety of solutions to achieve these goals.

Test weld quality

Weld defects can cause fire and degrade performance. Hioki instruments detect defects more reliably and efficiently in production processes.

Coming in 2022

Hioki will offer new solutions for battery production processes.

Battery Insulation Tester


Detects even minuscule failures prior to electrolyte injection so manufacturers can boost efficiency across the entire production process by detecting defects sooner.

DC Hipot Tester


Provides exceptional power supply performance so that it can perform withstand voltage testing that complies with safety standards.

Welding Resistance Meter


Helps improve battery safety by detecting weld defects more accurately.

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